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Vastuullinen eränkäynti

Visual Identity
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Vastuullinen eränkäynti is a web site project promoting responsible hunting in Finland. I designed the visual identity and co-designed the web site with the client and the developer. The web site was developed by the awesome Mikko from Mikrogramma Design.


Nordic Distribution Oy


The identity was built around the paw print of a bear. In Finnish mythology, the bear is the king of the forest, maybe the most important sacred animal and one of the oldest gods, who was believed to be descended from the stars. In the past it was considered such a mythical creature, that in Finnish language the bear has over a hundred euphemisms – it was believed that if its real name was spoken, the feared animal would appear. When a bear was successfully brought down, a special celebration called karhunpeijaiset or kouon häät, ”the bears wedding”, took place. In this celebration, the bones of the respected creature were ceremonically taken back to the woods and the skull was hung on an old, tall pine. So the bear was escorted back to his ancient birthplace, to the sky.

Even today, a modern version of peijaiset is still celebrated after a successful hunt.

The bear used to and still does represent respect, strenght and justice. The mythological background and the respectful traditions directly linked to hunting made it the best choice to become the symbol for responsible hunting.

”Missä Ohto synnytelty,
mesikämmen käännytelty?
Kuun luona, tykönä päivän,
otavaisten olkapäillä.
Sieltä on maahan laskettu
hihnoissa hopeisissa,
kultaisissa kätkyissä”


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