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Koskenkorvan Trahteeri is a place for extraordinary events, enjoyable saunas, summer bed & breakfast at the traditional farm and a very special museum dedicated to the small Finnish village’s pride, Altia’s Koskenkorva spirit plant. The visual identity was renewed along with the generation change of the family owned business.

The website was developed by Mikko from Mikrogramma Design.



Koskenkorvan Trahteeri Oy


Koskenkorvan Trahteeri: Concept


The Indentity

The word ”trahteeri” is traditional Southern Ostrobothnian dialect. It means ”a place, where the guests are regaled exceptionally well”. The challenge was to create an identity, that would combine their four services: the saunas, the bed & breakfast, the event venue and the spirit museum.

The main elements of the visual system are fire, water, a roof and a cup, all overlapping and linked together.

Koskenkorvan Trahteeri: Symbolism


Fire is needed for heating the sauna, cooking for the guests, warmth for a good night’s sleep and even the distillation of spirit. Fire cleanses, warms, illuminates and creates – it connotes concepts of vitality, nourishment and rebirth. It’s the stove, the heart of the house and the light in the Finnish summer night.


When the fire symbol is reversed, it becomes the symbol for water. It rinses the dirt, it’s the giver and maintainer of life – the basic element for all life. It’s the counterpart for the fire. Like fire, water also links to all the four areas: in the sauna, it’s thrown on the hot rocks that are heated with fire. It’s also used for making food and it’s the base ingredient of spirit.


The roof is an obvious reference to the bed & breakfast.


The cup is meant to carry the thoughts to both the Koskenkorva spirit and regaling.


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