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Editorial Illustrations for Ilmiö magazine


Kulttuurilehti Ilmiö is a magazine covering artistic and cultural events of the city of Seinäjoki: theatre, music, visual arts, museum and literature.


Taide Seinäjoki -verkosto / Art Seinäjoki Network

Editorial Illustration: The Synergy and Strenght in Collaboration
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 1/2023



Editorial Illustration: The Role of Art in Improving the Cultural Well-Being — Bringing both Artists and Public Together
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 2/2022



Editorial Illustration: The Meaning of Artist Communities for Independent Artists
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 1/2022



Editorial Illustration: The Meaning of Art and Culture is to Broaden Perspectives and Challenge to Express Oneself in New Ways
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 2/2021



Editorial Illustration: The Permanence of Purpose
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 1/2021


Star Charts of Culture
Ilmiö Culture & Art Magazine 1/2020